Four Signs You Need Window Replacement

If you want to keep your home as safe and secure as possible, then it's important that your windows are in good condition. If you notice that any of them have cracks or broken glass, then it might be time for replacement.

Window replacement can be expensive, but it will be worth it if the alternative is a broken window that could lead to an intruder breaking into your home. Here are four signs that you need window replacement:

1. You Need Window Replacement If The Glass Is Cracked Or Broken

If your windows have been broken or cracked by something outside your home, such as a baseball or rock, you will need to replace them as soon as possible. Not only does this make the inside of your home look, bad but it can also pose a safety hazard if there are sharp pieces of glass still hanging around on the outside of your home. It's best to get rid of these old windows quickly so that no one gets hurt by them.

2. You Need Window Replacement If The Seals Have Been Damaged Or Torn Away From The Frame

The seal between the window frame and the wall keeps weather out of your home while still allowing air to circulate through it. If this seal is damaged or torn away from the frame, moisture can get into your home through small openings around the edges of your windows. This can cause mould to form on walls and ceilings, which can be very expensive to repair later on down the road. With new windows installed by a professional contractor, you'll save money on repairs down the line.

3. You Need Window Replacement If You Notice Condensation Between The Panes Of Glass In Your Window Frames

Condensation can lead to water damage and rot over time. It's also a sign that your windows aren't doing their job as well as they could be. The best way to prevent condensation is by installing energy-efficient windows with low-e coatings (a low-emissivity coating) on them. This coating reflects heat back into the room instead of letting it escape through the glass panes.

4. You Need Window Replacement If Your Frame Is Worn Or Bent

The frame is a vital part of the window. If it's bent, worn, or damaged in any way, it's time for a replacement. If your frame is bent, it will be difficult to open and close the window properly. When you push on one side or another, the frame will not move smoothly and may even pop out of its track. This can cause damage to the tracks themselves as well as damage to the interior or exterior trim around the windows.

If you notice any of the above signs, then you should think about window replacement. Chat with a professional about your window replacement options today.