Tips for Augmenting the Security at Your Front Door

If you want to feel more secure in your home, especially at night when you go to bed, then you must ensure that your front door is shut and that no one can sneak in. Of course, most homeowners in Australia do this as a matter of routine even if there is not a great deal of crime in the particular part of the country they happen to live in. That said, front door security is an important issue regardless of whether or not a crime may occur. Taking door security seriously means having peace of mind, and that can be invaluable. What are the best ways to improve your front door security measures? 

Security Doors

Firstly, you could do away with your current front door and replace it with a proper security door. Although security doors tend to be used in business establishments rather than homes, they are equally suited to domestic situations. Essentially, a security door is a much tougher barrier to get past than a conventional door. Security doors are often made from durable materials such as stainless steel and come with a much more robust frame that means would-be intruders cannot prise them open. Although security doors are beefed-up versions of conventional front doors, they can be painted any colour you like and so will fit in with the rest of the look of your home.

Security Lighting

Another important step you could take that puts nearly all potential burglars off is to install security lighting above your front door. The best products to go for in a domestic setting are not wired to the mains electrical supply but run on solar power or batteries. This means that they will function even if there is a power outage. By placing a motion sensor controlled light above your front door, anyone who tries to pick the lock will be easy to spot. This simple measure acts as a deterrent against all sorts of property-based crime, not just illegal entry.

Webcam Notification

If you have a camera fitted into your front doorbell, then you can see who it is that is calling. Because webcams that are designed specifically for front doors are now available, some manufacturers have developed systems that will notify you over your wireless network if somebody is at your front door, perhaps to look inside at what they might be able to steal later. This means that you can see and even talk to people at your front door via a smartphone app even if you happen to be away from home. If something looks suspicious, then you can alert your neighbours or even the police.