Two Tips for Homeowners Who Need to Use the Services of Deck Builders

Here are two tips for homeowners who need to use the services of deck builders.

They should clear out the area of their garden on which they want the deck built before the builders evaluate it

Before they can begin making any definite plans for a deck's construction, deck builders will normally need to visit their client's home, to evaluate the area where this person wants the deck built. Prior to this visit, the homeowner should remove items from this area that might obstruct the builder's view of it. For example, if they currently have a small shed in this area, they might want to disassemble it. Likewise, if there are potted plants or pieces of garden furniture in this area, the homeowner should move these things before the evaluation is carried out.

The reason for this is that if the builder can see the bare ground, without anything blocking their view, it will be much easier for them to determine which specific tools and materials they'll need to use, as well as how much preparation work they'll need to do to this area before construction can begin. For example, if they can see the soil in this area and are able to dig up a small amount of it, they'll be able to check if it's compact enough to function as a stable surface on which to build the deck's base. If they can see that it's too loose for this purpose, they'll then be able to make plans to replace it with denser soil or to use their machinery to compact it.

Additionally, if the area is free of visual obstacles, the deck builder will also find it easier to check how level the ground is; this is crucial, as the ground on which a deck is built has to be level to ensure that the deck itself is level and, therefore, safe for use. Being able to see how level the ground currently is will enable the builder to then determine how much more levelling they will need to do to it before they can begin building on it.

They should discuss potential privacy issues with their deck builder if they want a raised deck

If a person has requested a raised deck and they have neighbours, they should have a discussion with their deck builder about any potential privacy issues the deck might create and how the builder might be able to address these issues. For example, sometimes, a raised deck that is too tall may result in those on the deck being visible to their neighbours who are in the adjacent gardens (or vice versa). This could result in, for example, the deck owner not feeling comfortable sunbathing on the deck, or being worried about encroaching on their neighbour's privacy because they can see directly into the adjacent gardens whilst they're on this elevated structure.

However, if a homeowner shares these concerns with their deck builder in the early stages of its construction, the latter might be able to provide some solutions. For instance, they might suggest making the posts of the deck a couple of feet shorter or they might recommend opting for a tall, opaque barrier for the deck that would block people's view of anyone who was on it.

Talk to deck builders to discuss your options.