5 Products for a Weed-Free Yard

Your landscaping requires proper maintenance, and a big part of that maintenance is keeping weeds out of your grass and garden beds. Fortunately, there are a range of landscaping products that are specifically designed to minimise the work of weeding.  1. Mulch Mats Weeds tend to invade bare soil, but a mulch mat can put an end to this issue. There are several mat products available. Plastic sheeting is typically used as temporary mulching, such as around a vegetable bed.

6 Ways That Awnings Can Help to Save You Money

One of the main reasons homeowners add awnings to their homes is to add external and internal shade. Awnings are also attractive, which boosts kerb appeal. But did you know that awnings can help you to save money long term too? With the strategic placement of awnings around your home, you can save money in the following ways. 1. Lower your energy bill One way that your home heats up during summer is from the sunlight streaming through your windows.

Need Some Shade on Your Deck? Here Are 5 Reasons to Use Shade Sails

Spending quality family time having a barbeque on the deck is every homeowner’s wish. But you must ensure the patio is cosy to enjoy the full experience. A good way of doing that is by having ample shade to shield yourself and your family from the harsh rays of the sun. Shade sails are the perfect solution in this situation. Apart from providing shade, they also add style and uniqueness to your home.

Benefits of Track-Guided Awnings Around Your Patio

If you want to use your outdoor living areas more effectively, you could consider installing track-guided awnings. To discover the benefits of these coverings, read on. Create an Outdoor Room Awnings do more than offer shade — they form temporary walls to create an outdoor room. The awnings move vertically and attach to tracks on each side. So long as the patio has a roof, you’ll be able to enclose the area without gaps underneath or around the side.

Why Should You Fit Awnings at Home?

Although awnings are common sights in retail settings, they are equally suited to residences. They offer protection from the sun and reduce glare, which is why many shops have them over their fronts — so that passers-by can see inside more easily and view the displays. They will also help to reinforce the brand of a shop, perhaps using corporate colours or incorporating a logo. Nevertheless, there are also several good reasons for having awnings installed in your home.