The 3 Best Low-Maintenance House Plants

A home without a plant is a home without life. Not only do houseplants add dynamic beauty to a living space, but they have also been shown to improve quality of life for people who live alongside greenery. If you have plants inside the house, air quality will be cleaner, illness will be deterred and healing will be promoted. The only annoying thing about having houseplants all about the house is that so many of them are high-maintenance. What starts out as a beautiful addition to the living room can turn very quickly into something withered and sad-looking if you can't handle its daily care. So what are some plants you can pick up at the plant nursery that are low-maintenance?

Moth orchid. When you think of low-maintenance plants, it's very unlikely that you would first think of orchids, which actually have a reputation for being fairly difficult to cultivate. Fortunately, that is not the case with moth orchids. Because this particular orchid species thrives in dry climates, you don't have to worry about missing a watering here or there, and you can go on vacation for a couple of weeks and still expect it to be living and thriving when you return. This plant can also flourish in many light conditions, so whether in a dark corner or right by a window, it should still look beautiful.

Jade plant. One of the things that a lot of plants find hard to survive is the mixture of cold air and warm radiator heat during the winter months, but the jade plant is not fazed by those kinds of quick fluctuations in temperature at all. You also only need to water the jade plant about once every three weeks, which means that even the least green-fingered person can have a beautiful, green living space as long as they choose to cultivate jade plants.

Wax plant. The wax plant is another stunning plant that is very forgiving if you forget to water it for a few weeks. One watering and you'll soon notice that it comes straight back to life. The key to this plant's house-friendly nature is that it is able to store a lot of water like a succulent, so daily watering is far from needed. It also won't mind if you have the thermostat turned up to the maximum temperature during the winter months.

For more information on what kinds of plants are low-maintenance, contact a plant nursery.