Essential Security Door Selection Guide for Homeowners

Besides the regular doors installed in your home, security doors provide an extra level of safety for your family and household items. With that said, choosing the right one is critical for improving the security and aesthetics of your home. 

Consider the following factors when selecting the right door for you.

Door Material

Common materials used to build security doors include wood, aluminium, steel and metal alloys. Each material has unique qualities, thus explaining why each door type offers a different level of security. 

If you favour wood, you should lean towards sturdy varieties such as oak and mahogany. Aluminium, while offering corrosion resistance, tend to be lighter than other materials. For this reason, they tend to feature wider frames for added security. Steel, though sturdier than aluminium, is susceptible to rust, which weakens security doors over time. 

Engage your contractor or home security expert on the right material for you as per your budget and security requirements. Do note that with a consultation, you can get the right fit within your budget, as door construction materials can be modified or mixed to achieve the required level of functionality as well as the desired final look.


Generally, security doors cost more than regular doors due to the added security provision. To protect your investment, ensure that the purchased option has the right warranty. 

The warranty should cover break-ins, misalignment and replacement of broken fixtures and guarantee the longevity of your door. Also, make sure the warranty period and details are included in the official purchase documentation. Ensure you keep these documents safe in case of reference and future claims.

Mounting Type

Two commonly used installation and mounting techniques include tube-frame and flush-mount installation. Both offer security but differ when it comes to the final look after installation. Tube-frame sticks out of the opening by a few inches since it requires a frame. Though it lacks a natural look, it does offer more security.

Flush mount, as the name suggests, stays level to the door opening. This makes for a better seal as it eliminates the gap around the opening. To an outsider, it actually looks like the regular door when properly installed. 

Proper functionality of the security door depends on proper selection and installation. While some, like the metal doors, come with their own frames for installation, a snug fit and proper fitting require a professional for optimal performance. Be sure to contact your trusted security door expert for measurements, selection and installation.