How a Shade Sail Can Help You Enjoy Your Garden More

If you enjoy spending time outside with your family then you will understand the importance of shade for limiting a person's exposure to extreme heat and potentially deadly UV rays. Patios, gardens and outdoor open spaces are wonderful places to enjoy the open air, but a lack of shade can often prevent them from being used to their full potential. One way around this problem is to invest in one or more shade sails to allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being in direct sunlight.

Why bother with shade sails?

Installing shade sails might seem like an overreaction to the heat. It's true that exposure to the sun is actually good for you in moderation, but spending an extended period in direct sunlight or even just in the heat can have serious health consequences. Not only are the UV rays dangerous but you risk potential heatstroke, sunburn and a host of other conditions that can have a serious impact on your wellbeing. If you want to be able to make full use of your outdoor spaces, shade sails can help you to do that. In addition to protecting you from the sun, shade sails can also be useful if it begins to rain. There is nothing worse than starting to spend time outdoors and being forced to move inside when it starts to rain. Shade sails are normally waterproof, so they allow you to stay outside and to make full use of your garden in any weather.

Which shade sails are right for your home?

Shade sails come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and deciding which type is perfect for your needs isn't always easy. You can buy large shade sails designed to cover big outdoor spaces, but for most homes, these would be far too big. Large shade sails are more often used at schools, nurseries and retirement homes where people like to sit out in the garden or play outside during the day. At the other end of the spectrum, there are portable umbrella-shaped shade sails which can be folded up and stored in your car so that you can carry the shade with you wherever you go. These are ideal if you are planning a family picnic by a lake or anywhere out in the open that doesn't have the benefit of natural shade.

Fixed shade sails

If you are looking for a permanent shade solution for your home patio then a shade sail will probably be your first choice. You could opt for a fixed roof, but that is likely to be expensive and involve significant building work on your property. A shade sail can offer you all the same benefits for a fraction of the price and with a lot less inconvenience.