How to Add Style to a Small Outdoor Space

A small outdoor space doesn't need to lack style as a few quick updates and additions to even the tiniest patio can bring that area to life instantly. If you have a small patio outside your home, note a few tips on how to make the most of that space, no matter how limited.

Add an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug brings colour and texture to a small patio, giving it lots of visual impact without crowding the space. Choose a rug that covers as much of the concrete floor as possible so it doesn't look undersized. You might also choose a patterned rug for maximum impact; a rug with stripes or geometric shapes dresses up your outdoor space easily without looking dull and drab.

Use Colourful Cushions

You probably need some cushions and toss pillows on your patio anyway, so why not use them to add style to the space as well as comfort? Opt for colourful chair cushions, toss pillows, afghans and other fabrics in the space rather than settling for plain white or brown pieces. This tip is especially useful if your patio furniture is plain white or another dull colour. Bright and bold blues, yellows and other shades create a welcoming and stylish look in even the smallest patio space.

Add Lighting

Small outdoor spaces might tend to look dull and dark, so consider adding light to keep the space bright and welcoming. You might string rope lighting across a patio wall or around a railing, and you can even wrap rope lighting around large plants.

Adding an overhead light is also somewhat easy for a contractor; he or she might run a wire to the home and connect it to the inside electrical systems, allowing you to have a bold overhead light fixture on your patio. You can then enjoy the space day and night and brighten that small area in an instant.

Install French Doors

French doors add glamour and style to a space without having to make any other changes to your outdoor area. Because French doors open to the inside of your home, they won't crowd your small patio but will still create a grand feeling in the entryway between the inside and outside of your home. French doors also allow you to add curtains or roller shades inside the doors more easily than with a sliding door, softening the look of your patio entryway and bringing in even more pops of colour.