Why Remove Ceiling Insulation After a Roof Leak?

If you've had a significant leak in your roof, then you may have been initially relieved to realise that the insulation materials in the space soaked up most of the water. After all, they stopped the water from coming through your ceiling and causing more damage inside your home.

However, the water won't necessarily have done your insulation any good. A little leak may not be too much of a problem, but a larger leak could mean that you need to remove the insulation and start over. Why?

Wet Insulation May Not Work Well Again

If part or all of your insulation batts get wet, then they may lose some of their effectiveness. The insulation will have soaked up the water that came in through your roof. As this happens, the water blocks air pockets in the material that usually enable it to trap heat and cold air. If these pockets aren't clear, they can't work.

Also, even if the insulation dries out completely, it may lose some of its bounce and thickness. It may become harder than it was or shrink. Again, this prevents it from doing its job effectively.

Wet Insulation May Lead to Other Problems

While the insulation may have stopped water from coming into your home, the water it soaks up can still be damaging in other ways. Until the insulation dries out, which can take some time, it holds the water inside.

If wet insulation lies on or against wood or metal for a long time, then the moisture may be damaging. Wood may get wet and start to rot and soften; metal may start to corrode. The moisture trapped in the insulation may also be a breeding ground for mould and other kinds of bacteria. Left for long enough, mould can spread down through your ceiling. It may also start to smell. So, it makes sense to have your insulation checked over after a leak. In some cases, you may be able to dry out small areas and reuse them. Or you can have parts of the material replaced with new batts. If the damage is extensive, then you may want to have the insulation removed and replaced completely.

To find out what your next step should be, contact ceiling insulation removal services. They can assess the damage. If necessary, they can clear out your roof space, dry it off and then install new insulation for you.