How to Find Zero-Waste Designer Homeware for Minimalist Homes

There are two concepts in lifestyle discussions that are becoming increasingly popular. One of those topics is zero-waste living, and the other is minimalist living. Some of the time, these two concepts go hand in hand. Two of the key points to understanding these two topics is knowing what type of designer homeware to buy and how to narrow down the designers to the right ones for your needs. Here are some ways to do that and what you need to know about each one.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are the first things you need to look for to meet a zero-waste designer homeware plan. The key to this is to look for items that are completely natural. For example, you may want a coffee table or seating area that doubles as storage. This helps with being minimalist by having an item that handles two tasks. One option that meets these criteria is a storage coffee table. If you find one that is made of wood, you need to make sure that the connectors and brackets are also natural. If they are not, then the item is not zero-waste and you need to find one that is completely natural so it can be recycled or it can biodegrade.

Multi-Use Options

One of the most used and reused items in zero-waste living is glass. Glass containers can be used to store food and water or to showcase items like flowers. The glass is usually easy to clean and can be made out of recycled materials. This all meets zero-waste criteria. However, for minimalism, you want an item that can have multiple uses and prevent you from needing to buy multiple items. This means you should look for zero-waste items that have multiple uses so you can use them in multiple facets of the home when you finish with their first use.

Reduced Packaging

When you are buying designer homeware, especially online, consider how the items are packaged and sent to you. Many items can meet a zero-waste or minimalist lifestyle. The problem comes in the packaging. For example, using plastic packaging can harm the environment. However, if you find a designer homeware company that offers cardboard and biodegradable packaging, then you are getting your item that meets your needs while also ensuring that the shipping and packaging stay within your views of a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Once you have narrowed down designers that meet your criteria for natural items with reduced packaging and multiple uses, you can begin ordering the designer homeware that you need. If you have questions about the materials used in the items, ask the company representative when you begin placing your order.

For more information, contact a designer homeware company.