A Simple but Informed Guide to Blinds

If you are a homeowner who is thinking of getting blinds for your windows, you might need some help knowing what is available. This will help you make an informed choice. There are broad categories that blinds may fall under and you should know them.

Vertical or Horizontal Orientation

Blinds are slats that either have a vertical or horizontal orientation. When closed, the slats overlap with each other to block light from entering. When open, they do not overlap, letting light inside the house. It is up to you or the designer to figure out which orientation suits your house better.

You can also come across blinds that aren't slatted, instead, they comprise a single piece of material.

The Wideness of The Slats

The slats have varying widths. You have the option of choosing wider or thinner slats. Your choice is based on your taste and preference and the design of your house.

Material Composition

Blinds can either be made up of fabric, plastic, wood or metal. Fabric, plastic and wood blinds are delicate and may be best suited indoors. Metal blinds are better suited for outdoor applications because of their versatility. They protect against bad weather, theft, temperature and fire.

Automated and Manual Opening and Closing

Blinds can either be operated via a remote or you get to open them manually by rotating a rod or pulling on a string. It is also up to you to choose between automated or manual opening. You should know that automated blinds cost more than manual blinds. You may also not have a choice when it comes to metal blinds. Metallic blinds usually come with automated operation.

The Different Types of Blinds You May Come Across

The common blinds you might come across are roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds and Venetian blinds.

Roller blinds are the types of blinds mentioned above that aren't slatted and will mostly open and close upwards and downwards respectively.

Vertical blinds, just as the name suggests, are slats that run vertically. They are usually wider than horizontal running slats and are mostly made of fabric, but you can find metal and plastic as well.

Persian blinds run horizontally and are usually made up of metal, plastic or wood. They can be pulled open with the help of a string to leave the entire window clear.

Roman blinds are mainly used to protect against sunlight and may not help you with moisture or high temperatures. They do not overlap like other slats but stack up evenly instead.