How to Assess If Your Home Is Really Secure?

The world can be a very unfair and insecure place, as it is certainly true to say that some people are intent on depriving others of their hard-earned possessions. With this in mind as a property owner, you will want to be very aware of the growing risk and try to protect yourself as much as possible, while being realistic at the same time. Do you need to review the current protection that you may have in place, in the light of the latest technology and this growing risk?

Dose of Realism

No property can ever be 100% secure, as if it were, it would present considerable access difficulties and might tend to lower the quality of life for the occupants. With that said, it is possible to make it very hard for those who would seek to gain entry, especially for those who are opportunist thieves.

Electronic Options

Some people think that they should embrace technology and fit electronic locks throughout the building. These can certainly be a good deterrent and cannot be picked in the traditional sense, although some enterprising thieves may be able to find a way to access the network through Bluetooth, in certain circumstances.

On the other hand, these locks allow a great deal of flexibility, as they can be programmed to permit one-time access. In this way, a cleaner could punch in a certain code which is only valid for a single entry on a given day and which could be subsequently tracked through the appropriate software.

Traditional but Sophisticated

Most people will have traditional locks fitted around the house, and they can come in many shapes and forms. The tougher and more sophisticated the lock, the better, as it will often put off all but the most dedicated criminal and those who have knowledge of the techniques required to snap or pick their way through.

High-Tech Locks

Today, certain mortice locks are available that have been specially designed to be anti-pick or anti-snap. You should consider fitting them at the threshold of your property and where the risk is the greatest — although, they may be more expensive than the old-fashioned alternatives on the market.

The best way forward for you, perhaps, is a combination of electronic and high quality, modern locks. Talk with your locksmith about the alternatives, and they will be able to bring you up to speed about the latest solutions.