What to Consider When Buying Shade Sails

Shade sails are important because they protect you from harmful UV rays and rain. They can be used in swimming pools, playgrounds, schools, care facilities, backyards, etc. Before buying shade sails, you need to consider various things that can be broadly classified into two categories: functionality and aesthetics.


This mainly entails how the shade sail serves you and what features it should have to effectively satisfy your needs.

  1. Protection from harmful UV rays - Is the purpose of the shade sail to protect you from harmful UV rays or just to create shade? For it to be effective in keeping harsh sun rays out, it needs to be made of a high-quality fabric designed for this purpose.
  2. Protection from rain - Just like how a shade sail fabric can protect you from harmful sun rays, it can also have properties that do not allow it to let water through. Rainwater usually slides off the shade sail. These types of fabrics are usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are called waterproof shade sails.
  3. Durability - You, of course, want the shade sail to last or serve you for a long time. To ensure it does, you need to identify the external factors that your shade sail might be subjected to. They may include sunlight, rain, frost, ice, smoke, strong winds, etc. Ensure the fabric can withstand these factors.
  4. Installation - Your shade sail should be installed by a qualified person. Remember that it may be subjected to strong winds. If the fabric is not installed correctly, it can tear after some time. You also do not want it collapsing on anyone if any part is not correctly secured.
  5. Storage - If you do not want the shade sail to remain up throughout the entire year, you should learn how to store it correctly. Always read the manufacturer's guide. However, the crucial aspects are to ensure it is completely dry before folding and storing and to ensure the storage room is free from moisture, pests and vermin.


After considering the functional factors of shade sails, you can then choose the colour or design that matches the place or location you want to use it.

You may want a customised design, so choose a company that offers such services. This can include a company logo and a mixture of particular colours or patterns. You want to choose a company that specialises in custom shade sails because you do not want to compromise on the functional aspects of the shade sail.

For more information, contact a shade sail supplier.