Benefits Of Glass Balustrades For Your Staircase

When installing a staircase barrier, you'll have a range of materials to choose from. One possibility, glass balustrades, offers a variety of benefits. Here are several listed below.

Create An Open Feeling

Staircases can, at times, seem cramped and poky. To eliminate this feeling, you don't need to widen or reconstruct the stairs; instead, install a glass balustrade to create the impression of more space. Even though the glazing forms a physical barrier to keep you safe, it doesn't create a visual block, so you can see straight through it. Naturally then, the area feels larger. 

The less obvious the framing around the glass panels, the more invisible the balustrade becomes. Consider this when selecting between fully framed, semi-framed and frameless models. The glass panels might sit within channels at their bases or slot into vertical posts between each piece of glazing; the attachment options vary between designs.

Offer Decorative Glazing Options

Even though clear glass gives an unobstructed view, other glazing types can offer some privacy while creating a soft light filter. Frosted glass, with its satin sheen, maintains an airy feel for a stairway without forming an opaque barrier. Select between various degrees of opacity for the frosting; some are less see-through than others. 

Toned glass, with bronze or grey tints, provides further options for the staircase. Different minerals within the glass mixture generate various colours. For instance, the iron content within standard glazing causes it to display a green tinge. You can install low-iron glass, however, if you would prefer a crystal-clear effect. 

Harmonise With Other Materials

Glass complements various other materials, such as metal, timber, brick and natural stone. For an industrial feel, fix the panels using minimal metal studs and silver handrails, or construct the barrier with white-painted wood posts and handrails for a more traditional feel. Whether the wall behind the stairs is red brickwork or the steps are natural slate, a chameleon-like glass balustrade will work with the decor. The variations of handrails and framing around the glazing panels provide virtually endless options.

Increase Safety

These types of staircase balustrade use thick, toughened glass that is subject to strict regulations so you can feel safe using the structure. Because the glazing doesn't block off light, whether natural or artificial, the staircase will be better lit and less likely to cause trips or accidents. Additionally, these barriers don't allow pets and children to squeeze through gaps as timber and metal railings do. 

To learn more about staircase balustrades, consult a resource in your area.