Two Tips for Those Who Want to Get a Gift for Their Relative Who Is Moving to a Nursing Home

If you'd like to get a gift for a relative who will soon be a resident of a nursing home, you might want to read over the tips below.

Get a designer version of their favourite type of homeware

One of the issues with nursing homes is that their rooms or apartments can be rather bland and clinical-looking. Whilst your relative will probably be taking some of their old home's decor with them to their new residence and can use this to make the place feel more like a real home, it might be a good idea to buy them one or two designer homewares that are similar to the kind that they usually like.

The reason for this is that if they only decorate their nursing home room with some of their existing homeware items, it may end up looking like a slightly plainer version of their old home, which could simply remind them of how much they will miss their previous residence and make them a bit sad. If however, you treat them to a few designer goods, which tend to have a level of detail and character that is rarely seen in cheaper homeware products, this should help to make their new home inviting, fresh and beautiful, instead of a dull replica of the home they lived in before.

The exact item you should buy for them will depend on their tastes. If, for example, they have a lot of owl-themed decor items, you could get them a designer wooden clock that has been carved into the shape of an owl or perhaps an intricate crystal owl sculpture.

Find out which items are forbidden in the nursing home

Before you start perusing designer homeware stores, you may need to check which items the particular nursing home your relative does not permit their residents to have in their rooms. This list may be available on the nursing home's website.

For example, they may not permit their residents to use candles, as these are a fire hazard. In this case, there would be no point in buying your relative a designer candleholder. Similarly, they may not allow residents to store alcohol in their rooms; if this is the case, then purchasing your relative a beautiful whiskey decanter would be pointless. As such, to ensure your relative doesn't have to turn down or give away the gift you get them, you must do some digging to find out what is or isn't allowed in their chosen facility.