Benefits of Track-Guided Awnings Around Your Patio

If you want to use your outdoor living areas more effectively, you could consider installing track-guided awnings. To discover the benefits of these coverings, read on.

Create an Outdoor Room

Awnings do more than offer shade — they form temporary walls to create an outdoor room. The awnings move vertically and attach to tracks on each side. So long as the patio has a roof, you'll be able to enclose the area without gaps underneath or around the side.

Creating an outdoor room in this way is more straightforward than constructing a home extension, which requires significant disruption. But you'll effectively have expanded your living space with relatively little effort.


Awnings are versatile as you can create variously sized and shaped outdoor areas by combining several awnings. You could form three right-angled walls if your patio abuts your home. Otherwise, form three sides of a hexagon for an interesting room shape.

The awning tracks can be integrated into the building in creative ways. For example, they can be set within cement pillars or other building elements. Plus, the tracks can be disguised to create a streamlined look.

Easy to Operate

Track-guided awnings are easy to operate as they're lightweight, and they effortlessly glide up and down due to a spring operating system. Thus, you won't have to struggle with heavy awnings. Plus, track-guided blinds don't require cords, ropes, cranks, or other messy mechanisms that create a hazard for children.

Block the Elements

Awnings block elements like rain, wind, and hail. They affix securely within the side tracks without gaps, and you can pull them right down and lock them in place. You can open the awnings to any height, and they'll remain in that position to produce the environment you desire.

Along the bottom, they have a weather strip or valance that adjusts to uneven floors and prevents dust and leaves from blowing into your patio. Thus, you'll be able to keep the area clean and protect it from the weather as you can any indoor room. You can also use a bumper that attaches along the bottom to protect the flooring.

Design Options

The metal components come in a range of powder-coated colours such as grey, white, black, cream, and beige. Thus, you can match them to your home's exterior cladding, trim, or roof. The screen fabrics come in various hues also. The PVC awnings can be clear or tinted in shades like grey and bronze.

For more information about track-guided awnings, such as Ziptrak awnings, contact an awning supplier.