6 Ways That Awnings Can Help to Save You Money

One of the main reasons homeowners add awnings to their homes is to add external and internal shade. Awnings are also attractive, which boosts kerb appeal. But did you know that awnings can help you to save money long term too?

With the strategic placement of awnings around your home, you can save money in the following ways.

1. Lower your energy bill

One way that your home heats up during summer is from the sunlight streaming through your windows. You could close your curtains or blinds, but that would block the view. By adding awnings to your windows and above your sliding doors, you can block the sun before it reaches your windows. This will help reduce the load on your air conditioners and lower your energy bill.

2. Protect your windows

UV light and rain can take their toll on window frames, especially older wooden window frames. Over time, harsh UV rays can cause window frames to crack and warp. You can extend the life of your windows by placing awnings above the windows that receive the most sunlight during summer.

3. Protect your furniture, flooring and curtains

UV light causes fading damage to curtains, flooring and upholstered furniture. This will prove costly because you'll then need to replace those things in the future. UV light also causes paint to peel. You can protect the interior of your home by placing an awning over the windows and doors that let in the most sunlight.

4. Protect wooden patios from sun damage

Wood is a popular choice for outdoor areas like patios and decks. But the harsh sun can shorten the lifespan of wooden elements like decks, causing the wood to crack and warp over time. Placing an awning over your wooden deck will provide shade and protect your deck from sun damage.

5. Protect your car from the sun, rain and corrosive elements

If your car doesn't currently have any protection from the sun's rays, then you could place an awning over your driveway. UV light can cause exterior paintwork to fade and damage a car's interior. Awnings can protect your car from UV light and corrosive elements, like bird poop and tree sap.

6. Reduce the need to cool your car on hot days

If you leave your car in the hot sun every day, you'll need to use your air conditioner to cool your car down every time you drive somewhere. Using your air conditioner uses up petrol. You can save money on petrol by parking your car under a driveway awning. To learn more, contact an awning supplier.