5 Products for a Weed-Free Yard

Your landscaping requires proper maintenance, and a big part of that maintenance is keeping weeds out of your grass and garden beds. Fortunately, there are a range of landscaping products that are specifically designed to minimise the work of weeding. 

1. Mulch Mats

Weeds tend to invade bare soil, but a mulch mat can put an end to this issue. There are several mat products available. Plastic sheeting is typically used as temporary mulching, such as around a vegetable bed. Fabric mats can last many years and are more suited for use in perennial flower gardens. There is also the option of biodegradable mats made of straw or other materials. These are best used over new plantings, as the mat slowly degrades as the desired plants take over.

2. Garden Edging

Another point of weed invasion is around the border of a garden bed. Even your lawn grass acts as a weed if it encroaches on a flower garden. The best product to prevent this is garden edging. Edging strips come in a range of designs, from simple rubber strips to decorative vinyl panels. There are also stone and concrete edging products available.

3. Natural Mulches

Natural mulches include materials like straw and wood chips. Unlike some of the synthetic mulch mats, natural mulches are as attractive as they are useful at suppressing weeds. Natural mulch must be applied in a thick layer in order to fully suppress most weed growth. You can also apply a thinner layer of natural mulch over a synthetic mulch mat, such as fabric sheeting, to make the garden more attractive.

4. Weeding Tools

Even with suppression and exclusion methods, some weeds will likely make their way into your garden. For these, you will need a good tool to easily pull them out. A standup weed puller is kind to your back and knees since there is no reason to bend over or kneel to reach the weeds. These products are available in a range of designs, but they generally have a long handle and a notched weeding tip that can be easily manipulated.

5. Herbicide Controls

When all else fails, herbicides may be the only answer to your weed woes. The type of herbicide you use depends on the season, type of weed and where it is located. Pre-emergent herbicides are best used in early spring. Broadleaf herbicides are useful for killing weeds but not the grass. There are also targeted herbicides that only kill weed that they come in direct contact with. 

Visit a garden shop to learn more about the weed prevention and landscaping products that are available.